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Radio Calls Made Easy

For some unknown reason the "Push to Talk" button often acts more like a "Push to Stop Thinking" button. This phenomenon results in choppy broken radio calls. When this happens ATC is forced to pull the information out of you. Or worse, in busy airspace there is no time for a friendly Q & A. In stead, ATC will simply give you a vector and by doing so kindly kick you out of their airspace. To avoid being kicked out of airspace and to sound like a pro on the radio try cheating.

A cheat sheet is an easy way to sound like a pro on the radio. Print this card off before your next flight. While this cheat sheet is geared for instrument flight it also works when contacting ATC while VFR. And remember ATC can't hear you reading but everyone can hear those long pauses as you try to spit out your request for a clearance.

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